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The Voices Within: Project 180, October 1, 2016

Fewer comments from the kiddos this week. I had to do some minor editing to protect anonymity, but I was careful to preserve the kids’ original messages.

We should do community circle another time. –Anonymous

Anonymous, I agree. It’s just hard to find the time. But it’s important, so I will make it happen–somehow. To hold myself accountable, I will make a public promise. We’ll do at least one each month. Wish it could be more. 

Hey, Mr. Syrie. I really do enjoy your class, but I just wish I (we) had some freedom to join other groups and learn from/with them. I know we get to pick our seats, but people have kinda claimed their spots, and I can’t do anything about it because all the seats are full, and I don’t want to “take” someone’s spot. I just wish we could change up the seats, but if we can’t that’s okay.–Anonymous

Anonymous, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Please know that you are not alone; I’ve had others express a desire to move and/or change things up a bit, so as I mentioned yesterday, next week you have the freedom to move your desk to join other groups if you wish. I want to continue to honor choice, but I also want to be responsive to your needing/wanting more flexibility. Hope this helps.

Could you possibly write all the assignments and when they are due on the board? Thanks. I really enjoy your class. –Andrew

Andrew, yes, of course. You were gone yesterday, but I have already created a “due dates and reminders” space on the whiteboard. I am sorry that I assumed, because of our flexible due dates, that you guys wouldn’t want or need me to provide this for you, Obviously, I was wrong. Sorry. Hope this helps. kiddo.

Thank you, Mr. Syrie. I am very happy that you are trying something new in the classroom.      –Joe

Joe, thank YOU for your willingness to try it along with me.

I love this new program. –Justin

Just, love that you love it.

If there is one thing that I can say about this class, I’d say it’s the most fun and most freeing time I’ve spent learning anything. –Anonymous

Anonymous, music to my ears, kiddo, music to my ears.

I suppose my feedback this week is pretty simple. I absolutely love this class, and not just because we get an A, but because of the environment. I knew from the first time I came into this class I would like you, only because of the way you presented yourself. The more I get to know you, the more I feel comfortable. I mean you showed up to school in a cheerleader outfit! I guess this week I just want to say thank you. Thank you for giving us a chance to determine our future in this class. Thank you for making me (us) feel safe in this room. And thank you for being you, no matter how weird the world thinks you are. You’re taking a risk for us, even though others may judge you. So, if everyone is telling you your idea sucks, and we won’t get anything out of this, just know that you have impacted at least one student this year. –Anonymous

Anonymous, thank you for putting the icing on top of this already awesome week. So glad that you are in my corner. Makes a world of difference for me, especially during those tougher times when I, myself, wonder if my idea doesn’t suck. Though I would consider it a success if I only impacted you, I hope that in the remaining 158 days I am able to impact a few more. Thank you.

Kids will speak if we give them a voice. They’ll continue to speak if we listen. I am doing my best to listen. I hope they’ll keep speaking. Not sure I could handle their silence.


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