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The Voices Within: Project 180, October 22, 2016


Some words from the kids this week. They are the best. Such good companions on this journey. Lucky to be among them.

“Syrie, to be honest, your class takes so much stress off me, but I still feel like I’m learning more in this class than if there were a grade involved. Thank you! –Aidan

Aidan, I’m happy that this class and approach have helped relieve some stress for you. I am also happy to hear that you feel like you are learning.

“I think the Learning Log every 4 weeks will be a good idea.” –Layla

Layla, thank you for chiming in on the discussion about this topic. I value your input. See the next comment and response.

“This system is great, but one thing about our new idea to have Learning Logs every three weeks is a little counter-intuitive to the plan for having one a month. Due to the planning of it, we will only have one a month anyway, just at different times.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, good point. I had pretty much arrived at the same conclusion, and since I was already leaning towards every three weeks, and since it will still essentially be once per month, I think it will end up being a satisfactory solution for all. 

“I am happy to be in this class because I haven’t only learned about how to survive in school but also life. I feel like most of school only applies in the classroom, but this class will help me in everything that I do. We don’t get “grades” in life, we only get opportunities to be a better person. Thanks so much for the opportunity! –Anonymous

Anonymous, so happy that you have discovered the essence of the approach: opportunity. That is what it’s really all about in the classroom AND in life. Wise words, young friend.

“I really enjoy this class because it is super laid back and super fun. I love how we can learn and not be based on a letter grade. You are a wonderful teacher. Also, I want you to know that I like getting the EOW and the TOW on Friday and having it due the next. Thanks for everything, Sy.” –Hanne

Hanne, thank you for your feedback this week. Glad that you are enjoying the journey. So happy that I get to experience learning with you this year.

“Sy, I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten a lot of the work done. It’s just always buried under other classes’ work. I feel like for this system to work every teacher has to do it.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, no apologies necessary. Sorry that you find yourself buried by work. I wish, too, other teachers would, if not follow, at least re-evaluate their approach to grading, teaching, and learning. 

“Hey, Sy. I just want to first thank you for all the encouragement you give all of us for our work; whether we receive a 1 or a 3 on something, you still encourage us to keep going and keep pushing ourselves. I also want to say how great I think Project 180 is because you’re not only teaching us about Language Arts, you’re teaching us real-life lessons as well. You provide us with learning opportunities but don’t make us do them. Like you’ve said before, that puts us in charge of our learning, teaching us not only how to form a complex sentence but also teaching us self-discipline, and that, in reality, we’re in charge of our own learning and our own life. Thanks, Sy! –Anonymous

Anonymous, thank YOU. Thank you for taking responsibility for yourself in learning and in life. I am impressed and inspired by your wise words. You have discovered exactly what I hoped you would find on this journey. Excited to see how far we make it this year. Again, thank you. 

Happy Saturday, all.

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  • Well I think your the journey is well on its way. I know that you can’t share all, and that not everyone is on board yet, but those that are will help lead the way. Your feedback is good , both for your students as well as you.

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