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Too Late to Turn Back Now: Project 180, Day 87

So proud of the Memory Projects these ladies did. Using their own money, they made shirts and hats to honor Holocaust Remembrance.  They have pledged to wear them once a month on a designated day in an effort to keep memory alive. Overall, Project Memory was a huge success in its first year. I have so many awesome models to share with my kids next year, so they can continue this proud classroom tradition.

On another note, it’s crazy that we have already reached the halfway point of the Project 180 journey as we begin second semester today. I have learned much along the way, and I am eager to continue learning as we seek to turn education upside down, one day at a time. Though today will tell more as the official turn-in day, with two-thirds of the parent letters returned, all have opted to stay with the 180 approach. Of course, I will process and reflect on what that truly means as I take the rest of the results in, but I am honored that so many continue to place their faith in me and my unconventional approach to learning, but it is not an honor lightly borne. Indeed, I take seriously the burden of this responsibility, the weight of this charge. It is my daily drive to succeed, to do my best, to be dedicated, to fulfill my sixty degrees of the triangle.

Happy Monday, all. Halfway there, but still oh so far to go. Thanks for keeping me company. Couldn’t do it without you.

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