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Voices Within: Project 180, November 20, 2016

Only two comments this week. Sure to have fewer this next week with only 2 half days. Come on break!

“So far this class seems chaotic, and I wonder if it’s gonna settle down. Right now we’re supposed to focus on our blogs, the speeches, the films, and seemingly random work. The homework is fine (not that I am one to complain,since I haven’t done much lately), but it’s kinda hard to focus on them all, especially the blog and the speech. I am seeing this as a problem because I have been neglecting ┬ámy blog for the speech, and I was wondering if this was the more important of the two. Sorry if this wasn’t clear.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, first no apology necessary. Second, it was very clear. Third, I am sorry that you are struggling with all that we are trying to juggle in class right now. P-180 or not, it is how I do things. With a skills-based approach, process takes precedent over product. Most of your other classes probably follow the textbook approach to learning, a more linear approach where learning happens in a series of episodes, repeating with each new chapter. My concern with this approach is that the learning seems to lead to the test at the end of the chapter, after which the learning is left behind for the new content, in the new chapter, for a new test. This approach is certainly more consistent and more efficient, but I am not convinced it is a more effective way to learn. And… I know, blah, blah, blah. Right? Sorry.

Anyway, learning is messy, learning, like life, is a little chaotic, and–most of all–learning takes time. That said, things will start to come together kiddo. We have a lot to do, and I opt to put much of that into play at one time, as you are–unfortunately–frustratingly aware. I need you to have the time and opportunity to progress with feedback. As for what’s most important, I will continue to give you my recommendations along the way, as I have with the recent suggestion to focus on your speech. I think what is different about this class is that you have freedom. I wonder if that is contributing to the chaos that you feel. I am sorry that you are frustrated. Hang in there. As I said above, things will settle–somewhat.

“I really enjoy and appreciate watching movies like The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas because they really open our not-always-seeing eyes to the cruel realities of the world and its history.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, I am pleased that you are finding value in the movies we are viewing for the Holocaust. I also enjoy them and find them powerful representations of a time that we can never forget.

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