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We Got You, Sy: Project 180, Day 34

Turns out I’m neither the only nor always the best resource in the room. Yesterday I was served up a humble reminder of this truth.

As I rolled out the plan for creating our blogs for the My Learning Projects, it became quite evident–quite quickly–that the maestro needed to take a seat and let the band play. Following what I thought were not only painstakingly explicit but also absolutely necessary instructions for the successful creation of our blogs, I carefully led the kids down the path only to discover that they were already there by the time I arrived.  So, I ditched the plans and let them lead. Oh, I still had to point here and there a bit, but by and large, they were navigating in their world, moving through the they’ve-never-not-known-a-world-without-technology territory, and I so let loose the reins, giving them their heads, and they went, free and unencumbered, stretching their legs, galloping forth, free in their confidence. I sat by.

And whether out of habit, duty, or just a desire to be part, I tried to remain relevant, seeking to help where I could. But even then as I fumbled around the room trying to help kids with their “Welcome” and “About” pages, it continued to be clear that I was not the best resource in the room. Indeed, for time after time, the kids, bemused by my sincere, but not-so-brilliant efforts, kindly–if not always patiently–told me, “We got you, Sy,” as they took over, helping their peers post pictures, etc. And so, I let go, and instead of playing the role of helper, I learned to play the part of help finder.  And even this was short lived, as the kids started responding on their own to raised hands and calls for help. So, I went to my desk and performed clerical duties, but I watched, not to monitor and manage, but to marvel at my young learners spreading their wings, flying unassisted, soaring into their learning.  It was a privilege to witness. It was a privilege to know that they “got me” when I need it. A privilege. Best. Job. In. The. World.

Happy Tuesday, all. We continue our exploration of the blogosphere today. Looks like I’ll get some paperwork done.


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