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When Our Past Catches Up With Us: Project 180, Special Post

Hi, all. Got this in a message today. Totally caught me off guard and rocked my world. Mrs. Thompson was my inspiration to become an English teacher. I was so moved by her granddaughter’s thoughtful message. Touched and humbled. Wanted to share.

Hi Monte,

We’ve never met but you were a student if my grandmother’s at Cheney High School, Mrs. T (Milli Thompson). As you may have heard, she passed away a little over a month ago. Our family had her memorial this weekend and among the things of hers that I inherited was her graduation hood. In the box with her hood was a card that you wrote to her at the time of her retirement. She’s kept it over these 25+ years and I know she so, so valued the impact she had on her students, and you must have been one of them. I’ll send you a picture of the sweet message you wrote for her. ┬áBut I just wanted to reach out and tell you that it means a lot to our family to know that she touched so many students. I see that you’re at Cheney High now. It makes me happy knowing her legacy might live on in people like you.

Tori Rae


One Reply to “When Our Past Catches Up With Us: Project 180, Special Post”

  • You are right I cried! But they were not totally sad tears, I found that I felt, the joy she must have felt for her students, caring and only wanting the best for them. As you do. It would be great if we all had teachers in our past and future that cared for and about their students, enough that twenty some odd years later it comes back full circle. I know that past and present students of yours, thank you often for being in their lives. I see and I hear. I am glad that Mrs Thompson touched your life and gave you the push you needed.
    To say the least we are grateful and blessed to have you for our Son.


    I really think your journey was meant to be and began long ago with a teacher that cared, and taught you well

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